Anyone use a Linode to run a VPN for watching British TV?

NordVPN are currently having problems with NordVPN on Linux platforms so I thought I’d create my own and Linode appeared to be the answer. However, after setting up WireGuard I soon discovered that BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub are blocking the IP address Linode assigned, and I suspect all Linode IP addresses.

Is there a way to overcome this at all?


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It seems the BBC are pretty snotty about allowing their service to leak out into the world using un-registered, un-certified, un-licensed (i.e. un-taxed) devices. I'm sure your Linode/Wireguard setup falls into this category. The price you have to pay for no commercials ;-)

You prob knew this already but BBC America is available as part of a Sling TV subscription (Sling TV is available on AmazonNOW and Roku).

Google "BBC+Roku" for more info…

-- sw


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