Files On Object Storage Not Showing Up in NextCloud

I properly configured the object storage for NextCloud and when I go into that directory, I cannot see any files or folders that I have copied there. When I try to create a folder in the object storage folder within NextCloud, it says "Could Not Create Folder", and "Could Not Fetch Details /<directory>/<newfoldername>", even using the NextCloud Admin user. It also has a message at the top of the screen that says "File Cannot Be Loaded. Please Check Your Internet Connection", followed by a Reconnect button. When I use the Linode Cloud Manager to go thru the object storage, I can see all of the files and folders that have been create/copied from within NextCloud. In other words, the files appear to be copying to the object storage, however, none of the files/can be seen or accessed in NextCloud. I've tried everything…what is going on here?</newfoldername></directory>

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It's tough to diagnose this based on the errors alone since a number of factors could result in those outcomes. Taking the mentions of your internet connection into consideration, I wonder if the nextcloud server was having some temporary problems communicating with your Object Storage bucket and therefore couldn't load any folders. Did you continue to experience failed connections, or did the problem resolve itself?

If it persisted, it would help to know a bit more about your configuration and how you went about setting this up.

For the record, I was able to deploy a nexcloud server through our Marketplace and successfully connect my OBJ bucket, create folders, upload files, etc. - I kept it pretty simple and followed the instructions here:

There are more involved ways of going about this, though, and therefore more opportunities for things to go awry. If you followed a different process, let us know and we can look at the issue through a more relevant lens. Any details you can provide will go a long way!


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