Are legal torrents permitted?

I found Linux-related documentation that permits redistribution, but does Linode allows it? I can't find it in the terms of service.


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Well someone from the #linode channel on IRC said it's always been permitted! (unofficial)

I would make your question more specific as to what you actually want to distribute.

It’s probably not going to be an issue with Linode, but rather, the issues are probably going to boil down to:

  1. what does the license say about what you’re actually distributing?

  2. How much potential bandwidth could you burn up every month?

Yeah, I have only found 4 PDF:

  • C Programming - A Modern Approach with "Licence: CC Attribution-NonCommercial License"
  • Learn Linux in 5 days "Jason Cannon" no license but the author is known for his public documents.
  • Linux kernel in a nutshell "This book is freely available under the Creative Commons “Attribution-ShareAlike” license, Version 2.5."
  • The Linux command line, A complete introduction " License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported "

My monthly quota is 1TB and I rate-limit to 1MB/s so about 2.7TB/month fully transfering, so about 17$ overage, good to me.


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