Logging of object storage accesses

s3cmd has an option to enable object storage logging, which logs accesses for the specified bucket to another bucket using an Apache-like log file.

s3cmd accesslog --access-logging-target-prefix=s3://log-bucket/ s3://main-bucket/

Attempting to use this on a Linode object storage bucket results in a 405 Method Not Allowed error.

Are there plans to add object storage logging?

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Right now there aren't any immediate plans but I've captured this feedback for future review and consideration!

Thanks for the confirmation

@ajayakamai --

This isn't ideal for you but would get you on the road…

  • Write a shell script called s3cmd.
  • Put it in your PATH ahead of the s3cmd executable.

The s3cmd shell script would just be a proxy for the s3cmd executable that would also include an invocation of logger (or two or three) to create log messages in some log you create using syslog.

Of course, if you have any programmatic access to your object storage buckets, those would not be logged unless your program wrote the log entry/-ies. From your description, it's not readily apparent to me that this would be any different than what currently happens.

Alternatively, if you're handy at python, you could fork s3cmd and make it do logging with syslog. The source is here.

-- sw

Thanks for the update!


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