What happens to your linodes/services if you don't pay for a long time?

I have experienced this before, when I accidentally left a Linode on for a couple of months, that the Linode was deactivated and all services as well, only until I paid the overdue payment on a server. I remembered that it lasted for about 3 months until I paid for the overdue payment. My question is, if I have left all my Linode services unpaid, how long would that last? Would my account be deactivated till then?

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@cindrmon1899 a powered off Linode still has its resources reserved and this is why it is billed to a customer account. If you'd like to stop being billed, you can delete the server from the account. That being said, you can also save an Image of your Linode on the account for $.10/GB per month. This is less than the cost of our Nanode plan and the Image can be deployed to a Linode at a later date.

That being said, we don't delete services immediately as you previously experienced. I can't provide a timeline for this process, and recommend using the suggestion above or deleting the services if they are unneeded. As always, you can reach out to Support for help with making payments or payment extensions - if needed.



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