How do I find the size of Linode's distribution images?

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I'm trying to figure out the base image size of each distribution available during creation.

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To get a list of our Supported Distributions along with their base image sizes, you can use either our API or the Linode CLI. The Linode CLI is a wrapper around the API. Both of these resources will provide the image size information you're looking to obtain.

I prefer to use the Linode CLI as it provides information in a cleaner format. If you haven't used the Linode CLI previously, the following guide provides the installation instructions, along with some example commands.

Once you've configured the Linode CLI, you can obtain the images list with sizes using the following command:

linode-cli images list

Any images preceded by linode/ under the id column are public images, and the size column is MB.

To make an API call directly, I would recommend reviewing the following guide to get started.

You can then run the following query to obtain the list of available images:

curl | json_pp

You can find more information on the Images endpoint in our API documentation.


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