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So far I can remember I changed the root username. But now I forgot that name and didn't write it down. Could please provide me the username of my MySql admin username?

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I assume that you have created an additional non-root user and forget what you named it. If so, you can always log in as the root user and run the following command to list all of your users:

SELECT * FROM mysql.user;

However, if you forget the root user's password then it gets a little more complicated. You can follow the steps below to help you(assumes you're using systemd):

  1. Stop MySQL

sudo systemctl stop mysql

  1. Restart MySQL without loading grant tables(apersand at the end runs MySQL in the background)

sudo mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &

  1. Connect as the root user

mysql -u root

  1. Finally, you can list your users from there

SELECT * FROM mysql.user;

From here you can also reset passwords if neccessary. The command to do so would be the following:

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('[password]') WHERE User='[username]';

Hope this helps!


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