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Kubernetes PVC's with ReadWriteMany?

When will Linode's Kubernetes support PVC's with ReadWriteMany?
Attaching block storage to K8's and have it available to all nodes will be extremely powerful.

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Hi there,

I agree with your thinking here regarding the innate functionality of ReadWriteMany mode. While I don't have a timeline to share regarding feature implementations, I can definitely say that our team is consistently working to develop and improve our LKE product, and suggestions like this play a big part in our process.

In the meantime, you can accomplish ReadWriteMany functionality by using an application such as Rook. When used with LKE, Rook can mount a Linode Block Storage PVC which uses ReadWriteOnce permissions, it then leverages it as a network file system and exports this NFS as a Storage class that uses ReadWriteMany permissions. If you are interested in exploring this option, we've got a great guide available I'll link it here:

Alternatively, if you use Rancher for managing your LKE clusters you may be interested in checking out their Longhorn project. I haven't messed around with it too much but it may be worth trying - the installation procedures are relatively straightforward:

Hope this helps!

-- BD.

Thanks, I'd rather not utilise NFS/rook as that would place a single point of failure in the cluster. IMHO, that defeats the whole purpose. Please expedite ReadWriteMany


We are planning to go Kubernetes and we need write-many, any update on this ?

I'm trying to run spark on a Kubernetes cluster and I need to attack a large volume to the cluster. However since the ReadWriteMany is not supported yet, only one node of the K8s cluster is able to connect to the volume at a time and my spark job - which is distributed on multiple nodes - isn't able to connect to the Persistent Volume (PVC).
Wondering when this feature will be available.

You can create ReadWriteMany volumes for LKE by setting up an additional linode to act as an NFS server. I wrote some instructions for how to do it on my blog here: startup2scalable.com


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