What API permission scope is needed to create Firewalls and Rules?

Following through the guide on deploying firewall rules using Terraform, How To Deploy Secure Linodes using Cloud Firewalls and Terraform, I get the following error:

Error: failed to create Firewall: [401] Your OAuth token is not authorized to use this endpoint.

Initially I thought it might be to do with my API Token's permissions so I redid my token to have read/write to just about everything, but that made no difference.

I'm using a PAT API Token since I don't need any complex authentiation controls around the API. Based on the API documentation it shows that PAT is sufficient for performaing the tasks that I would like to do:

I'm using Terraform v1.0.8 and the linode v1.22.0 provider. Near as I can figure the token does not include permissions to control all of 'Networking', the nearest permission in the Token scope is "IPs" which didn't make any difference.

Anyone got any thoughts or encountered this issue?


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Hi @zenone -

Adding Cloud Firewalls is a global permission, so you'll want to configure or update your token with read_write user grants.

The Linode instances you plan to use with a Cloud Firewall will also require read_write user grants.


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