Dedicated linode 16 core worse than AWS 2 core

I have started a linode with 16 cores on the dedicated plan. It is extraordinary slow, command line programs take seconds to start.

As a comparison an AWS rd5.large which has only 2 vCPU performs much faster than the linode 16 vCPU.

Is there something I need to do to ensure it performs properly/better?

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My first question comes to mind is, if you’re comparing a 2core system to a 16 core system, do you need 16 dedicated cores for what you are running?

Hi @niall - that definitely doesn't sound right. I suggest you open a ticket and ask our staff to eliminate any potential issues on our end.


Yes, I need 16 cores.

Its running at about 5% - 15% across all cores yet I see timeouts for a ping which is 20 seconds.

Where along the Internet is the loss ocurring?

mtr is helpful here - in both directions.


Its happening on the box so localhost -> localhost, there is a timeout waiting for a response.

It looks as if there has been some sort of a host-wide pause/suspend as it occurred across several services at roughly the same time there is no network involvement its localhost only.


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