WooCommerce store, need help calculating Linode plan

We are currently running a WooCommerce store on a 4GB shared plan.

The store has just launched and as of right now has super low traffic, about 200 visits a day with a maximum of 10 concurrent visitors.

Needless to say, that workload is no problem at all for the Linode.

However, we plan to scale things big and aim to be able to handle 1000 concurrent users accessing and browsing the site during massive campaigns etc.

Now I want to know how I would best go on calculating what Linode plan would be able to handle that kind of workload. The site staying up and being fast is crucial to our success and as of right now, money is not an issue (but obviously not going to overpay if not needed).

Does anyone have any input as to where I go from here to make sure I don’t run the site on too low resources?


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What I would do is leave your plan where it is and engage in continuous monitoring/analysis of the performance of your application. When it comes time to scale up, you can do that easily…a couple of clicks.

-- sw

There will be a few minutes of downtime when you scale up your plan. However, your IP address(es) and disc contents will remain the same.

If you end up with more memory, I would probably resize the swap drive to reflect that but you can do that while the Linode is down as part of the scale up process. That's easy as well…

-- sw


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