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How to convert a bucket into the static website?

Hey I just followed these steps but somehow the end url is not rendering the index html instead it just download the file.

cb = client.create_bucket(Bucket=blog_name, ACL="public-read")
fileobj_response = client.upload_fileobj(
    io.BytesIO(index.encode()), Bucket=blog_name, Key="index.html"
object_acl_response = client.put_object_acl(
    ACL="public-read", Bucket=blog_name, Key="index.html"

And then I visited this page blog_name.ap-south-1.linodeobjects.com and also blog_name.website-ap-south-1.linodeobjects.com but when I entered these URL into the browser URL field it just download the website instead of rendering it.

Can someone explain what is going on here?

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I am closing this issue because I found the answer. The trick is to set the content type to the file when it's uploading.

        ExtraArgs={"ContentType": "application/json", "ACL": "public-read"},


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