Internal Server Error - Apache on Ubuntu

Can I get some tips for troubleshooting "internal server error"?

This is NOT a new set up. Its been running a couple of years with zero problems. It was a little slow today so I rebooted it.

When it came back up all I get is "internal server error" when I browse to the site.

Ubuntu and apache

I checked apache error log. Dont see much there.
There is a node server that runs on startup. That shows to be running.
Checked apache config it tests ok.

Any tips on a systematic way to troubleshoot internal server error?


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Are you running something with PHP? If so, I'd assume logging is turned off and that's why you're not seeing error logs.

I checked apache error log. Dont see much there.

Try the access log too. Errors can get logged there as well if they involve access.

-- sw


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