Problems exposing k8s dashboard

hi community,

So, I tried the usual linode k8s deploy docs, installed the k8s dashboard, ran the kubectl proxy command, generate the user and cluster role binding, get the token for the user, but i am stuck with 401 auth error..

any tips? some googling revealed some related hits, but i am not sure..


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Hi Miguel,

I saw that you also posted in another Community Question related to the Kubernetes Web Dashboard, I've posted a brief summary of how I've gotten the dashboard to load on my LKE cluster to that question - you may want to review that page again.

I thought that I might follow up here with a potential workaround as you appear to be getting stuck on the authorization piece for the bearer token accessing the Dashboard. The first thing I would recommend is following the guidance from the Kubernetes GitHub instructions:

If this continues to give you trouble you might also want to consider using your cluster's yaml file as the access method. This would be the kubeconfig file that you use to access your cluster kubectl.

Hope this helps get you pointed in the direction of a solution.



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