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I have create a Windows Server 2019 machine on a Linode. I know that the normal way that is recommended to access Windows machines on Linode is by using Remote Desktop (RDP). However, something is wrong with the network configuration in this machine and it has no outside connectivity. Therefore, RDP is not an option at the moment. I need to log in via the console to try to fix it.

When I open Glish, I can find no way to send a Ctrl-Alt-Del sequence to the virtual computer. If I just hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, that is intercepted by my own Windows machine. And if I try other key combinations I've seen suggested (e.g., Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Del), they don't do anything. I've tried in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

In some earlier threads, I've seen a suggestion to use the Inspect function in Chrome and run the "rfb.sendCtrlAltDel()" function, but that no longer seems to be supported. Either Chrome or Glish has done something to make that inoperable.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I realize that Windows machines are not fully supported on Linode. However, I can't believe that there is literally no way to get into the system via Glish if network connectivity/RDP is not working properly.

Any help would be most appreciated.


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If you can run cmd.exe from lish/glish, you can use the shutdown command:

  • shutdown /s will shut down your computer;
  • shutdown /r will restart your computer;
  • shutdown /l will log you off; and
  • shutdown /? will show you all the options.

I can't believe I remembered that… I've lived in a Windows-free zone for a very long time!

-- sw

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I'm just trying to get past the initial lock screen to log in, so I can't run cmd.exe from there. I can't figure out how do to anything in fact. I need to be able to log in, but I can come up with no way to send it a Ctrl-Alt-Del key sequence to do so.

All I can think of is to use a browser on a machine that doesn't intercept Ctrl-Alt-Del for it's own purooses. It's been a long time but I seem to remember that Windows will ALWAYS intercept Ctrl-Alt-Del and process it locally. I also seem to remember that this is the first cardinal rule of doing anything on Windows…Ctrl-Alt-Del is magic and can't be overridden or hooked into (by mere mortals anyway…Microsoft seems to be the only one who can do this).

Find a Mac, ChromeOS or Linux box/laptop where this rule doesn't apply and try this on one of those. I can't imagine that list/glish thinks that Ctrl-Alt-Del is anything special.

FWIW, if this solves your problem, it might be useful to keep one of these around (prob Linux or ChromeOS) for emergencies such as this. ChromeBooks are pretty inexpensive… Given the amount of time you've probably spent on this issue, paying for one is a cost savings at the moment.

I really hope this helps you out…

-- sw

On Mac try: fn+control+option + delete

Guys, the solution is very simple, first you must activate the sticky key by pressing shift a few times in a row, once this is done you must press one key at a time ctrl then alt and finally it cannot be all together, press one key and then press the other , I hope I helped because I see that no one else can do it and the majority must have given up


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