Unable to connect with Moodle deployed via marketplace using Reverse DNS

Region India - Mumbai
Moodle deployed via the marketplace is unable to get connected.
Till 25th October all the linode deployments were working smoothly.
From 28-10-2021 onward all the newly created moodle deployments are unable to connect. For eg: https://172-105-57-126.ip.linodeusercontent.com

I greatly appreciate your support.
Thank you

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Reply from Linode support

After looking into this it appears that Let’sEncrypt (the company that issues the SSL certificate) may be applying a rate limit to subdomains of linodeusercontent.com that request SSL certificates. As we have no control over this rate limit the only ways around this are to wait for it to expire (usually 7 days) or point your own domain to the Linode and request a SSL certificate for that domain.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that we’ve already taken the necessary steps to have this rate limit removed in the future.


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