Is there a StackScript to make a Forge 1.16.5 Minecraft Sever?

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hi im am trying to make a forge 1.16.5 minecraft sever and was wondering if there is a stackscript or instructions on how to create one thx

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Hey there,

I took a look at the StackScripts currently available and I didn't find any specific one for installing Minecraft Forge v. 1.16.5. You can review them yourself from Cloud Manager by visiting this link to view/show the Community StackScripts:

So it looks like you are going to have to create it yourself as that is a bit of a special and custom deployment. Here's a guide you might be able to use as a good starting point:

I'd encourage you to first get the general blueprint on what a basic shell script would need to do to create the installation you want. Then you can adapt your general script into a Linode StackScript, which may be the ultimate solution you need. Here are the guides for how to write the StackScript once you figured out how to get the general installation commands:

While searching online, I found the following articles that may be helpful in giving you an idea for how to write your general deployment script:

I also came across some similar questions in the Community Questions site that you might want to review as a general reference:

I hope that helps getting you closer to that sweet Minecraft deployment you are after.

Good luck!


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