Chicken-egg problem with StackScript and ip address

I want to deploy web servers through StackScript with certbot to set up HTTPS certificates. Linode's StackScript Bash Library provides a function to do so, so this seems to be a legit use case.

But my domains are managed by a different provider through a web interface. In order to set up the DNS records, I need the IP address of the VM, which is only available after creation of the VM.

So I don't see how I can use certbot within a StackScript, since it requires proper set up of DNS records.

How can I resolve this chicken-egg problem?

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How automated do you need this to be?

You could deploy a new Linode with a standard image to get the IP address, add the IP to your DNS, then rebuild the Linode with your StackScript.

Alternatively does your DNS provider have an API?


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