How do I open port 44158?

I have tried everything that I found by searching. I am using openvpn
on Debian 10. I am inexperienced but using the directions I have found I am still not able to open this port when I check it on port checker.

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OpenVPN should be listening for connections on ports 1194/udp and 443/tcp.

Can you tell us why you're attempting to open 44158? Based on your description, this sounds like a local port from your own network.

If you get stuck, this guide on using our Marketplace App for deploying/configuring OpenVPN might be helpful:

I will look at the guide. I am installing a Helium Miner and
it needs port 44158 to be open. When I use portchecker over my
VPN it is closed. When I check other ports such as 443 and 943
they show open.


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