Webhooks and live monitor resources

Hi Linode Community, How are you?

My name is Patrick, I'm a Partner Reseller and I & my team, are build a platform to reseller Linode services, such Linodes, Kubernets and Spaces.

And for Kubernets, Linodes and Load balancers we need to know when the resource are ready to use, to update our interface and sent a email to our customers.

I've tried to find something like the Webhooks in the Api docs, but I can't find any information about it.

Currently we're using the linode-view and node-pools-list APIs to check the status of resources, using a timer interval, up to have the ready status always a Linode resource is created using the ID returned by Linode node-api lib.

Can someone help me?

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We currently don't offer webhooks, but you could set something like this up yourself using the "status" field for your Linode and cluster:

In this case, you'd want to monitor for the "status" field to be running for your Linodes and "ready" for your cluster's Linodes.

It's a great idea, so I've also gone ahead and submitted a feature request for webhook functionality for these services. I don't have the ability to provide an ETA on when this feature would be implemented, if at all, but at least eyes will land on it for review. Of course, there are a number of third-party services that you might use to conveniently replicate this functionality in the meantime.

I would love to hear if anyone else has built something of their own to make this work, though.


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