Get the client IP address from a Kuberneter cluster

I am trying to get the IP address of the client in an app in the cluster. I only get the IP of the NodeBalancer, so I've been trying to set up headers correctly.

I have enabled use-forwarded-headers: "true" in the ingress controller configmap
That seemed to change the IP I get from the local cluster IP to the Linode server IP, but still not the actual client IP.

Then, it seems (from instructions I've found here:, that you also need to add an annotation to the ingress controller service: v2

I've installed the ingress controller with HELM, and I just can't seem to figure out how to set this annotation. I tried using the methods in the article above:
kubectl edit service name-of-my-index-controller-service

That just resulted in an http error (503 I think). This command opened the definition in an editor, and I edited the file, then did a kubectl apply -f file-name

I'm no expert in working with HELM or Kubernetes, so ANY help, pointers and hints are welcome. This issue is driving me nuts :)

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This guide from Kong Docs has some information that I think might be helpful in your situation here.

I also found these guides that have useful information as well. (This link in particular)


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