Add external nodes to linode k8s

Hello Community,
does anyone know if I can add external linux systems (eg. my raspberry PI ) in the Linode managed k8s service? As far as I understand I just need network access which I plan to host as VPN in a container running in LKS and then generate SSL certs for each of my nodes via kubeadm.
Do we have such access to the master machines?
Is this possible and accepted by the company?
I don't want to do something that would violate the terms of use.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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Hey there,

Incorporating external nodes into your LKE clusters is not currently supported. If doing so is essential to your use-case you'd want to take a look at deploying your own bootstrapped Kubernetes cluster. As you mentioned you can do this with a tool like kubeadm to deploy your cluster.

Though it can be a much more labor intensive way to create a cluster, the official Kubernetes documentation outlines how to use kubeadm to join your nodes to your self-managed cluster. I'll link it here:

If you were looking to add your Raspberry PI to grant it access to your LKE cluster, then you have other options for accomplishing this. Should this be your intention, I would recommend reviewing Services, for example you could use a NodePort type service to access your LKE cluster from your Raspberry Pi.

I hope this information helps! :)



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