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Difference between share and dedicated CPU


I'm wondering if there's a difference between a dedicated and shared CPU VPS, from my understanding, it is cheaper to get a shared CPU, what are the benefits of a dedicated CPU VPS and the risks involved when using a shared CPU VPS?


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Here are some brief differences, and observations I have made in my own dealings between the two.

First, in a shared CPU plan, your time of the CPU is shared with others. As a result, you will encounter what's known as CPU Steal, which normally isn't a problem, unless you're on a host with noisy neighbors. No one can steal your CPU time on a dedicated CPU plan, which will allow your Linode to operate with more consistent performance.

In my own personal experiences, if I run a process at real time priority, a shared CPU plan will eventually lock up my Linode to the point where it will become practically unresponsive. A dedicated CPU plan doesn't have this problem for me.

Also, you may wish to review this guide, which could help you in making a decision on which plan you want to choose.

I hope this was helpful for you.


In case of shared CPU whether delay granularity is 1 seconds or could it be 10's of seconds in case of CPU steal.

If my Linode is able to execute once even in 1000ms then also it is ok in case of shared CPU.


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