Linode Flask Image Does Not Work Out of the Box


I am unable to get Flask working on a Linode, so I try to strip it down to the very basics, and it still does not work.

  • Create Linode > MarketPlace > Flask > Create Linode

By default then, which the Linode Flask server set up:

  • in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled there is flask_app which has server { … } listening on port 80
  • in /home there is flask_app_project which is a basic flask app

Where do you go to make the flask_app work? I try IPADDRESS/flask_app or IPADDRESS/flask_app_project or various other attempts. NGINX is running because IPADDRESS shows the default NGINX page.

IPADDRESS/flask_app :
The requested URL was not found on the server

I initially tried a custom flask app, changing the entries in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled to the new flask app name. However when trying to run gunicorn it says the IP address is already in use. I also tried killing each PID of gunicorn. Please note running this app with python3 does work, but thats not a server exposed externally.

I did:
unlink /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default
sudo nginx -s reload

gunicorn -w 3 flask_app:app
Connection in use: ('', 8000)

What am I missing? Both for the out of box Linode provide Flask image, which doesn't seem to work, and then with a custom flask app I'd like to get running properly with gunicorn.


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Got it to work. If the Flask image is used from Linode, it really gets stuck on the default flask_app that is give. Removing default as it mentions in the docs does not work

To change it first stop:
sudo supervisorctl stop all

then run supervisorctl
inside of supervisorctl run avail to see if the new flask site that uploaded is listed
> avail

then delete the default flask_app
> delete flask_app

and then add the the one you've uploaded
> add flask_app

& then it should default to the uploaded site when going to the IP

I received from help from Linode support as well, thanks.


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