guacamo in my linode server to another linode

i have use the installer for creating a guacomo server in linode market place, oddly, that linode is directly login into the local server's gui. I remember it suppose to have a web interface where i can setup multiple remote pc from vnc and rdp in this case.

i have another debian 10 linode as well and i wanted to install a gui and access them in guacamo, how can i do that aswell? since my guacamo linode directly login into my guacamo server's gui

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It sounds like you need to follow the Getting Started after Deployment steps in our Deploying Apache Guacamole through the Linode Marketplace guide. There you'll see steps to set up a domain and connect via the IP address to access the login page. Once you go through there, you will be able to connect to your Linode from any location using the Guacamole login page.


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