is the tokyo2 really japan ip?

just a question, is either the website blocking linode directly or linode tokyo2 is not having japan ip? please help me understand

i got a linode on tokyo2 and i try to access it with firefox using glish gui and tried to access

this site is famous for blocking non japanese ip address, but i am using linode tokyo2 to access this site, i am surprise that i am not able to get to the site and for my google, it shows instead.

possible to have some explanation on this?

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We self-publish geolocation of our IP ranges and work with geoip databases to ensure that this information is up-to-date. If you see something out of place there, please let us know. We'll make sure to update the geolocation of any IP address.

As for possibly being blocked by, that would depend on how they determine and implement any traffic blocking. To see where your connection gets dropped, you can run an MTR report. If there's a connection issue without our network, we'll want to know. Our NetOps team usually asks us to have customers run an MTR with these arguments to get more helpful information from them:

mtr -rwbzc100 $IPAddress/$URL

You can use the destination IP address or the URL you're trying to access.

Should you find that the traffic is getting dropped after it leaves our network, there may not be anything that we can do to mitigate that.


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