How do I access the OpenLiteSpeed admin panel?

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I’ve installed OpenLiteSpeed using the Linode Marketplace application however I’m unable to access the admin panel over port 7080 from my local machine - how do I fix this?

I've already confirmed that port 7080 is open on my machine as well as enabled on my firewall.

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In an attempt to better understand what you are dealing with here, I deployed a Linode with the same marketplace app that you are using and ran into the same issue. By connecting to the Linode via ssh and running the command below, we can see that the OpenLiteSpeed dashboard is listening on port 7080.

ss -plunt | grep 7080

Your results should look something like this:

udp    UNCONN     0      0         *:7080                  *:*                   users:(("litespeed",pid=22842,fd=11),("litespeed",pid=22833,fd=11))
tcp    LISTEN     0      128       *:7080                  *:*                   users:(("litespeed",pid=22842,fd=10),("litespeed",pid=22833,fd=10))

Next I created an SSH tunnel that bound port 8888 of my local machine to port 7080 of the Linode. I’ve included an example of what this command should look like.

ssh root@<LINODE_IP_ADDRESS> -L 8888:localhost:7080

From there I was able to enter localhost:8888 into my browser and access that dashboard as if I was physically connected to the Linode. These results confirm that while the dashboard is running, it is not remotely accessible by default.

If you haven’t done so already, you may need to first establish credentials for the OpenLiteSpeed admin portal. While connected to the Linode via SSH, you can run the following script:

sudo /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/

This will prompt you to enter an admin name and password to be used from the web portal. Assuming you are able to load the page in your browser at this point, you will be able to log in successfully using the credentials you created.

There should have no SSH tunnel needed in order to access the web admin at port 7080. Once you launched the server from the marketplace, just run the ufw allow 7080 command to allow port 7080, then you can visit it on the browser.


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