Is Linode suitable for live streaming website?

Hi guys, i have a question to ask. I'm planning to build a live streaming website but i'm not sure if linode server can handle the resources for the website or not. Also i'm planning to use Singapore region for it. What i'm concern is weather the upload speed for Linode's Singapore vps is stable or not.

If theres anyone here who use Singapore dedicated vps and can share the download and upload speed of the server?


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I create a dedicated CPU Linode (4 CPU 8gb ram) and run some speedtest on it. The download speed looks stable and good (average 1700 Mbit/s), but the upload speed that surprised me. The upload speed is very slow, is this normal? On average the upload speed only 4.17 Mbit/s. Is there something wrong?

Speedtest screenshot:


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