How do i get the one click marketplace minecraft server to actually work?

I havent been able to connect i checked the lish output and it shows to have installed everything and created the appropriate folders but the server is not up and running?

Is there a command i can type to make the server run or should i just delete this linode and try a fresh provisioning?

im fairly new to linux but right now its just at a terminal and i can run different commands but i dont know how to go through directories while in lish or modify files and see if everything i need it there or if anything needs to be pointed or even how to start or run the gameserver.

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The Minecraft server should start automatically after the installation completes, but if you're not able to connect or there is a red X over your server in Minecraft, something may have gotten in the way of that process. You can try to start the game server manually using the following command:

./mcserver start

If the game server is already running, you can try to restart it instead:

./mcserver restart

If this doesn't work, you may want to try deploying a new Minecraft server from the Marketplace. You can also install Minecraft manually on a Linode using LinuxGSM if you prefer.

i looked again and its the same issue as trying to run a valheim server its missing depencies

the dependencies are lib32gccl, lib32stdc++6, libsdl2-2.0-0:1386, steamcmd

i then enter my sudo password and it sets them up then says
[INFO] Starting mcserver: Welcome to the VGC Minecraft server!!! is already running

but i still cannot connect to it as when i do it says
Internal Exception:
io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: The received string length is longer than maximum allowed (23 > 16)

i dont know what im doing wrong?


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