Google and linode server issues

I'm trying to set up a new WordPress website. I have found it impossible to set up google analytics in any way. I tried installing google site jit problem but got the following error:

Your site may not be ready for Site Kit
Looks like your site is having a technical issue with requesting data from Google services.
To get more help, ask a question on our support forum and include the text of the original error message:

After some research, I found out that there is a problem with the Frankfurt region?

I'm I suppose to do anything? or just wait?

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As discussed in this post about Getting 403 responses when curl google APIs from linodes, we believe Google is blocking our IPv6 /64 block in Frankfurt. We've reached out to Google and they are currently looking into the issue.

The short term solution in this case would be to add an IPv6 /64 Routed Range and set it up with our guide to Linux Static IP Configuration. This will bypass the blocked IPv6 range and should solve the issue.

While those instructions will allow you to add the range yourself, anyone experiencing this issue can always reach out in a Ticket and we can add the range for you.


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