I updated to Cyberduck v8.2.0 and now I can't connect to my Object Storage Buckets

Linode Staff

I recently updated my local Cyberduck client to the newest version and now I can no longer connect to my buckets. I am receiving the below message:

"Login failed. Forbidden. Service Error Message. Please contact your web hosting service provider for assistance."

I have not changed my Access/Secret key pair or any other configurations and can access my buckets via s3cmd and Cloud Manager still. Additionally, trying to generate new key-pairs does not resolve the issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hey there!

I was able to reproduce this issue with my own buckets after upgrading to the latest version of Cyberduck (v8.2.0). Given that you and I both were able to connect to our buckets via other means this looks like it may be a bug with Cyberduck, rather than OBJ.

After trying a few things, similar to yourself, I was unsuccessful in correcting the issue. So, I reverted back to an older version which did the trick.

You can roll back to v8.1.X by downloading the version from Cyberduck's Changelog page. I personally rolled back to 8.1.1 and had no further issues.

Additionally, you may want to consider reaching out to report this bug directly to Cyberduck via their GitHub Repo.

Use nighlty build snapshot 8.4.1 (enable nightly build update in preferences): it works.


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