Migrating Wordpress to docker and Dokku for portfolio apps

I currently have a linode box with a wordpress blog up and running, but I also want to use the server to host portfolio projects (nodejs and most likely postgres for now). I want to put the projects up using dokku but dokku assumes it's installed on a fresh instance. I'm thinking of migrating my wordpress blog to utilize a wordpress docker container to keep the overlying system clean. Does this sound like a good idea? I've seen older guides on migrating a wordpress instance to docker, but they are kinda getting old at this point, would anyone know of any recent resources that go through the experience?

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The most up-to-date resource will be the Docker documentation. They even have a section on WordPress. I would recommend familiarizing yourself with docker-compose, after which it should become clear how to define the various services that make up your WP site in a compose file.

You should define your other projects in separate compose files.

You'll likely want your site and projects to receive traffic on the same default HTTP(S) ports, so you'll also need some way to direct traffic to the correct service based on the URL. You can use a reverse proxy such an Nginx or HAproxy for that. You can deploy the proxy with yet another docker compose file.


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