Use a subdomain for a forward instead of Linode

Hi all,

I have a domain configured in Linode.
So far I have 1 subdomain pointing to a Linode.

Now I want another subdomain of that same domain to point to a URL
(redirect) but I don't think I can do that from my domain registrar anymore since the nameservers have been coupled to Linode.

Is there a way to do it within Linode?

I could create a webserver linode and make the redirect in there, but that's a quite harsh workaround I'm afraid.

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Change the DNS records for the subdomain.

Thanks for the reply, but what do I change those to?
I've tried adding a record in linode pointing to the URL but it doesn't accept that.

Add an "A" record: pointing to the IP of the main-domain.

Give it some time (half an hour to 24 hours) to propagate and try:

It should work.


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