portable air conditioners

i need to purchase a portable air conditioner. a 12,000 BTU unit

should be just the right size (just a bit larger than i actually


i'd like the unit:

  • to be well built

  • have replaceable parts that i can order

  • to be energy efficient

here are a few i'm interested in:

NewAir AC-12000E


Amcor ALD12000E

http://www.amroyal.com/index.php?cmd%3D … tem%3D4014">http://www.amroyal.com/index.php?cmd%3Dproduct%26item%3D4014

Sunpentown WA-1220M

http://www.amroyal.com/index.php?cmd%3D … item%3D537">http://www.amroyal.com/index.php?cmd%3Dproduct%26item%3D537

one nice thing about the Sunpentown WA-1220M is that replacement parts

can be ordered:


does anyone know if there are any cons to self-evaporating units?

any opinions on what i should purchase? any other suggestions in

addition to what i've listed here?



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why not try some of the china branded stuff… much cheaper and quite reliable too..


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