Am I setting up Linode's nameservers correctly?

Hello all,
I'm new to Linode having just started using it yesterday. I wanted to be hosted by Linode so I migrated my site to Linode. I followed these instructions to do so:

Now the step that confuses me is is the step where I have to use Linode's Nameservers. I think I followed the instructions correctly, but let me know if I did something wrong. Here's what my nameservers and A/AAAA records look like right now:

Name Server Subdomain TTL Default Default Default Default Default

Hostname IP Address TTL Default

mail Default

www Default

It's been almost 24 hours since I made the changes, but as of now I can only access my linode-hosted site through my IP address. When I run whois, the site name I want with my new IP, I'm still on my old nameserver and IP address. I heard that it can take as long as 48-72 hours, but I'm just concerned that I set up my nameservers incorrectly or that I am missing a step. I also haven't set up reverse DNS yet because my IP addresses and nameserver addresses have not migrated yet.

Thanks for any help provided.

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I find DNS Checker to be the most helpful tool for checking DNS records. It checks DNS records from multiple locations around the world, which helps to avoid local cache.

Nameservers are set at the registrar level, so any changes to these must be done wherever you purchased your domain.

Using this, I see the correct Linode nameserver set up from many locations, though not all. This may just be due to the propagation of DNS records across the internet. I see that you have the default TTL, which is 24 hours. That means DNS servers around the internet will keep the DNS record cached for at least 24 hours before it's cleared out for a new request.

I also do not see any AAAA records for If you intend to have users access this site via cellular means, you will want to have an AAAA record. This is because the AAAA record is an IPv6 address and most cellular networks use IPv6 connections.

Some helpful guides for you as you continue to troubleshoot this:

Thanks for your help. I found out that I also had to input the nameservers on to get the DNS records updated properly. However, I'm not sure how to set AAAA records. The DNS records introduction link you sent me provides an example of how to set up an AAAA record, but surely I shouldn't just be copy-pasting the example to the list of A and AAAA records right?


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