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Weblish, Telnet & FTP are inaccessible


Since yesterday, I am unable to use Weblish (keeps circling), Telnet logs in but hangs before it reaches user prompt, FTP logs in but I cannot access any of my root folders. All network access was down before I rebooted. I am able to ping successfully.

Anyone faced this, any help is much appreciated, thanks.

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I realize that this must be frustrating. Since networking is up (you can ping and log in to FTP), then I would consider the following possibilities:

  • Your system may be running out of memory and may be not be able to run the login process correctly

  • A browser issue may be causing issues with connecting to Weblish

  • A Hacker may have compromised your system and has disabled access that would make it easy to regain control.

Using FTP and Telnet pose a security risk for your Linode as they send information openly across the network without encryption. SFTP and SSH are recommended instead.

To review your Linode's boot logs, you can use SSH to connect to the LISH console instead of from the web browser. You will need to add your public key to the Cloud Manager. If you haven’t yet created SSH keys, please see our Public Key Authentication with SSH guide for more information. You can then use the "LISH Console via SSH" link from your Linode's page in the Cloud Manager.

Once you have connected you can use [ctrl],d and your screen will change to use the LISH shell. You will see a prompt similar to:

[linodexxxxxxx@hxxxx-rin1 lish]#

You will want to enter logview to see the last 100 lines of your boot logs. You can press enter to return to your Linode's Console.

In any case you can open up a support ticket from within the Cloud Manager and the support team may be able to provide more information:

If you do this, you will want to reference this post in your ticket. I recommend avoiding further reboots until they have had a chance to review the current logfiles in case they get overwritten.

You can also reboot your Linode in Rescue Mode to investigate your configuration files if you feel comfortable doing so.

Hi, The problem was resolved by the support team. The information provided by you above is useful. Thanks


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