Any plans to match Digital Ocean's $15 offerings?

It looks mighty nice. For my usage I need more disk space than anything else. Would be great to be able to trade in my extra unused cores for some additional disk space!

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If disk space is what you're after, you may want to create a smaller Linode and then add a Block Storage Volume to it. With Block Storage, you can add a Volume up to 10,000GiB in size for $0.10/GiB per month. Feel free to check out our guide and recent blog post for some more information:

How to Use Block Storage with Your Linode

Announcing Linode Block Storage Volumes

As for new plans, we don't have anything to announce just yet. Keep an eye on our blog for any new announcements!

i was very surprised to see that Digital Ocean are actually providing a better value service than Linode now. I actually am with Linode because of the value as well….

adding more volume is fine (although it's not available everywhere, and DigitalOcean also does it anyways) but it comes at a price.

It would be good to know if Linode plan to improve some of the plans to match or better the competition, else currently it seems a no-brainer to move to better value offering….

DigitalOcean just updated their plans to match the value that Linode offers - did you expect them to release their own, competing plans within a matter of days? There's work that goes into planning that kind of stuff out - it took DigitalOcean more than a year to release plan pricing that competes with what Linode introduced on Valentine's day of 2017.

The cost of adding 40GB to an existing $5 plan (to match DO's $15 plans) is $4, which brings the total monthly cost to $9.

of course, fully understand that it takes time; its more than 4 months that DigitalOcean updated their plans, which in current times is not a just

all i am saying that it would be good for customers like me, who has been behind Linode for some time to know if anything is coming…
costs does matter when things add up…

Given that Linode seems to be actively trying to steer people away from their current $5 plan, I'd be surprised to see them throwing more resources at that price point in the near future. Historically though, Linode is pretty cagey about giving any specifics on new plans before they're launched.

Also, DO can give SSD space away like that because they use lousy SSDs. You can look at just about any benchmark to confirm that.


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