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How do I connect godaddy domain to linode server?

I have create react app running on linode server. I am able to view my react app on IP address but now I want to add domain which I bought on godaddy.
I have done following steps:

1) Added linode name server (ns1.linode,….) on godaddy DNS.
2) On Linode in domains section I have created new domain and added A/AAAA Record for hostname www.mydomain.com and mydomain.com

After doing above steps I am still not able to see react app on domain but on IP address it is visible. Any idea what I am missing? Any suggestions to debug/troubleshoot?


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Adding video tutorial for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOLNq4tkwj8

Transferring authority for DNS Servers can take a long time. Any server that has queried your domain was given a TTL value (Time To Live) for the details about where to look for your DNS records. It will keep using that information until the TTL expires. This often means that you won't see your site but everyone else will.

If you haven't looked at your site from your phone before, you can often browse it there as it will be making a fresh query and get the latest information.


@hphillips Thanks got your point but just wanted to check are steps mentioned above correct? or am I messing up with some config? Any steps to debug/troubleshoot or to check if everything is done from myside? I also checked this website https://dnschecker.org/ it is showing green tick for all.

When I enter www.mydomain.com in browser then it works fine but if I just enter mydomain.com then it is not working. I have checked A/AAAA records in that I can see www.mydomain.com already added with IP v4 and v6. I have manually also added mydomain.com with IP v6 but it still does not work when I enter just mydomain.com Should I wait some more time for changes to reflect?



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