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Characters disappearing from console with LISH

I misconfigured SSH on my server and am trying to use LISH to reconfigure the OpenSSH config file. However, when I use either weblish, or LISH over SSH, nano and vi have a few unintended behaviors (I cannot effectively edit the file). In nano, seemingly random characters disappear. In vi, characters are misplaced, and I cannot edit the last character of a line. The server runs our website, and it is important that we can SSH into the server to maintain it.

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It sounds like you may need to reset the terminal. The reset command should work.

You can also try CTRL-l or echo -e '\0033\0143'

You can also use Glish. Paste can be accomplished by using the 'Edit' -> 'Paste' function from your browsers menu bar.

Thank you for the fast response! The reset command did not fix the issue, but Glish works great! Thank you for telling me how to paste in Glish.


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