How do I use Object Storage with Swift/iOS?

Hi all,

Object Storage is advertised to be S3-compatible and from what I understand, we can use S3 SDK to connect/interact with Object Storage.

Is this assumption correct? If so, has anyone had any success using iOS/Swift AWS S3 SDK to connect to Object Storage?

When we set up Object Storage in Linode, all we have is the bucket name, access key and secret key. But almost every example on the S3 SDK out there require "identity pool ID" (from AWS Cognito service).

If anyone can point me to the right directions that'd be greatly appreciated.


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I am not a Swift developer, but looking at the Developer Guide for the SDK:

The getting started example is based on showing how to use the API for Cognito to create a wrapper with Cognito that is used by the example in deciding if the code will call the methods of the s3Client object.

At a glance, the instantiation and other method calls to the s3Client object do not appear to require Cognito in and of themselves.

Thanks for the pointer. Will look into it.


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