Virtual LAN alternative

Hi, I would really love to use VLAN, however it is not supported in my location yet.

Is there any better alternative than i.e. WireGuard full mesh?


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So the Community can better help, can you clarify what is meant by better? i.e. Is the focus on:

  • Not needing extra software
  • Easy to configure
  • Automatic configuration
  • Security
  • Performance

By better I mean having performance close to L2 VLAN. I've considered both WireGuard and tinc, but I don't have experience with WireGuard running in full mesh (I've found some tools that can help with management), and tinc does not seem as performant as WireGuard.

I don't mind installing some more software or spend some time configuring it, if it will work properly. Some things can be automated via tools like Ansible, so if I spend some time figuring this out, it's okay by me if I know the result is going to work properly :)

I use ZeroTier on my servers.

@Tntdruid This looks great, will give it a try, thanks!


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