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How do I give myself operator in my minecraft server

I am wondering this because i don't know how to op people

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In the Minecraft console window. The one that shows the Minecraft world loading up, you’ll type /op Minecraft-game-name and it will make that user an operator.

I was stuck on this for a while so ill just add to Lou's answer. You cant run the Minecraft console on your root login. So open the lish console, login to the username/password you made (again not the root one). now type cd /home then type ls -a this should show you your user profile. now type cd /home/userprofile (your username) then type ./mcserver console this should launch the ingame console on lish. now just type op username (where username is your ingame username) it might give you an error first, just type the last line again. This how it worked out for me. I could never access the json files or the uuid, lish would always say directory not found

I can’t get this to work. Plz help I’m new to linode.


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