How to change my ip address?

My ip might find by GFW, so i want change my ip, I want to know how to set?

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You can swap IP Addresses between Linodes. To get a new IP address, just:

  • Create a new Linode in the same data center
  • Go to either the old or new Linode's network tab
  • Click on IP Transfer
  • Swap its IP it with the other Linode.
  • Remember to reconfigure any applications that refer to this Linode by IP address
  • If you are using the Network Helper your Linode's networking will be reconfigured when you reboot.
  • If you are not using NetworK Helper, you will need to manually reconfigure your networking.
  • Reboot your Linode

You can also assign an IPv6 Pool of Addresses to your Linode by clicking Add an IP Address.


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