Getting less network transfer

I have taken dedicated cpu plan of 30$ which say i will get 4TB transfer but in my dashboard it is showing 1570GB remaining.

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Network Transfer, like billing for other Linode Services is performed on a calendar month basis. When you create a service such as a dedicated CPU plan, the prorated amount of Network Transfer until the end of the month is added to your pool.

Lets' take an example:

  • 4 GB Dedicated CPU plan comes with 4 TB of transfer/month.
  • You add your Linode halfway through the month

The prorated amount of the 4 TB/mo of transfer is added to your pool for the rest of the month (2 TB since we are halfway into the month).

If you were to go on and remove your Linode 3/4 of the way through the month, then 1 TB (the prorated amount of transfer until the end of the month) would be deducted from your pool. Since you would only be using your Linode for 1/4 of the month, then it would end up contributing 1/4 of its transfer to the pool.

At the beginning of each month, all transfer quotas are reset to their full amount.


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