How do I setup Wireguard with iOS and macOS (App Store)

I cannot get the clients working from the Apple App stores. When activated, traffic still routes through my home IP. How can I do this?

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Hi there,

Configuring WireGuard can definitely be tricky at times. I'd recommend reviewing the following resources for additional insight:

During the installation process you should be able to generate a QR code that you can scan from within the iOS WireGuard to automatically configure your tunnel settings. If you are looking to import a tunnel you can take the output of the QR code and place it into a .conf file.

For what it is worth, I've found great success using the following GitHub repository to deploy Wireguard + PiHole + Unbound in a Docker container running on Ubuntu (though this can be adapted to use other distributions):

Hope this helps,

-- BD.


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