How do I transfer all of Linode credentials to in an account?

I have several accounts at Linode. Can I transfer all of the accounts to 1 platform?

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Self Service Linode Transfers

Eligible Linodes can be transferred between accounts using the service transfer feature.

Support Assisted Transfers

All other service transfers must be done by submitting support tickets from the sending account and receiving account that agree on what is being transferred. Each should be updated to reference the other ticket number. It is important to specify what should happen to any additional services related to a Linode, such as if Backups, Longview Clients, and additional IPv4 addresses should be transferred with the Linode.

What Cannot Be Transferred

  • User Accounts including API Tokens
  • LKE Clusters
  • Object Storage or Access Keys
  • Cloud Firewalls
  • VLANs
  • StackScripts
  • Assigned /56, /64, or /116 IPv6 Allocations
  • Managed Databases

Linodes that use these features will need to be disconnected from them before they can be transferred.


Block Storage volumes must be detached before they can be transferred. They can be reattached once the Linode using them and the volume have been transferred.

DNS Records for domains in an account will be disabled while there are no Linodes in the the account.

If you are transferring Linodes from a Linode Managed account to an account that does not subscribe to Linode Managed, Linode Provided cPanel Licenses will be deactivated and you will need to purchase a license from cPanel directly. Longview Pro clients will entail the addition of a standalone subscription to Longview Pro.

Managed Service Monitors cannot be transferred between two managed accounts and must be recreated in the new account.

Work Arounds

User Accounts You can rename users in the original Linode account to free up the usernames so they are available for creation in the main account.

Object Storage If you need to move an Object Storage bucket, you can create a temporary Object Storage bucket in your main account and copy your data into it from the original bucket. Once you delete the original bucket, you can then create a bucket with the old name in the new account and copy your objects from the temporary bucket to the new bucket.

StackScripts The code for StackScripts can be copied into new StackScripts in the new account. If any of your StackScripts include another of your StackScripts, you will need to make a note of the dependencies and update the script as needed.


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