My site isn't loading but the associated Linode seems fine. What's wrong?

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I haven’t made any recent changes to my site but it is suddenly not working. I can still ping the IP address that I had associated with the domain but not the domain itself. The Linode serving the site doesn’t appear to be having any issues and there have been no recent configuration changes to my web server.

I noticed that when I look up my DNS records for the domain, my Linode’s IP address is not listed even though I can see I have DNS records with the info in the DNS Manager. What could be going on?

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From what you’ve described, this sounds like it may be an issue with the domain itself and/or with the domain’s registrar. If there are correct DNS records input into our DNS Manager and youre still encountering this issue, typically this can be 2 things:

  • Double check that Linode’s Name Servers are configured within your domain registrars control panel. Our Name servers can be found in our DNS Manager guide but I’ll list them below:
  • Its possible that your domain has expired. When purchasing a domain name, it is registered to you for a certain period of time (which should be disclosed when you purchase it from the Registrar). Once this timeframe has expired, the domain will no longer be served and almost appear as if its down. You’ll want to reach out to your domains registrar for renewal options. Depending on how far along your domain’s expiration is, there are a few different options available - you’ll want to check ICANN’s info graph here or the FAQ for more information —> ICANN FAQs for Registrants: Domain Name Renewals and Expiration
    • If your domain has not expired yet, you can check its expiration date using an online tool like MXToolbox or a command line tool like whois.

My vote would be for an expired domain name. Just a word of warning, if you are beyond the registrar's grace period for renewal, a domain-name speculator may have snatched it up. If that's the case, be prepared to pay BIG BUX™ to get it back…

-- sw


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