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I'm running Alpine 3.12 with the latest 64-bit kernel. Installed VS extension for remote server ssh connections and by trying to connect, I see that the process has downloaded a folder ".vscode-server" on my remote server, which means that the connection happened, but after loading for some time I receive this message "The remote host may not meet VS Code Server's prerequisites for glibc and libstdc++". I did some googling on this, and I see that a few people were having trouble as they didn't have enough space on their server storage to install some libraries, but this is not the case for me. The extension itself provides me with this link explaining that there could be problems for Alpine based systems, but it should work anyways, but I can't quite find the problem. Maybe someone has faced this issue and can guide me to the solution?

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Hey aivarsyo, did you ever get this working all the way through? I have it setup and working all correctly except for running a dev server and seeing the web page I'm working on locally. it's forwarding the port it says, yet nothing loads when using localhost:5173 which is the port being forwarded.

Real coders just use a text editor… either Nano or Vi or Emacs via SSH or with BBEdit, Notepad, etc. via SFTP. :-)

I've been coding since 1975 and I've never found an IDE that was not more complex in learning and had more issues than WORTH the time it took to deal with them.

I hope you get your problem fixed.


I've been programming about 10 years and just started getting into front end dev, mostly did .NET backend stuff before. This is like a whole other culture. There's a new shiny object every other week and more and more to learn. I have to switch between mac with arm and windows x86 and run into so many issues just trying to get things to work. Thought this might make things easier by having everything in a central location.

But I agree with you. These tools that are supposed to make life easier just make it too complicated.

And I actually did get it working thanks. I just manually opened up the ports in PuTTy.


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