Allow a set of ip addresses for a managed database using linode-cli


This command gives me the error: "Must be of type Array"


/usr/local/bin/linode-cli databases mysql-update --allow_list ${ips} 971

Where 971 is the instance id of a managed mysql instance.

Does anyone know the correct syntax for the "allow_list" parameter?



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This looks like a snippet from a shell script. If so, then


can be replaced with (the far more readable, IMHO):


What I would do is block all traffic for port 3306 except for the 3 IP addresses listed (and localhost) in the firewall. Then, you don't have to use --allow-list at all and, IMHO, you have a much more foolproof solution (that is enforced at a much lower level than mysql).

You can do this with ipset using a single rule to allow the ipset entries. That way, if your list changes, you modify the ipset…not the firewall rule(s).

-- sw


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