I can’t figure out weblish for my Minecraft server

Hello, I followed the YouTube to tutorial to host a Minecraft server step by step (https://youtu.be/cAAPnJPQZOo). However, in the end he uses weblish to access the server files. I can’t do that. It keeps telling me file/directory not found. I’ve scoured the internet to find a fix bc I want to make myself an OP in the game. Pls help!
Ps. I tried moving to another server
And I tried using ssh on putty
I’m very new to this so please explain thoroughly

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I ran into the same issue when trying to change directories in the way described in the video (cd /home/mcserver/serverfiles). The file path should actually be /home/$username/serverfiles, where $username is the name of the limited (non-root) user you created when setting up the Minecraft server in the Cloud Manager. You'll use the command cd /home/$username/serverfiles to access the files, making sure to replace $username with the limited username you created. You can also OP your Minecraft user by logging in as the limited user and running ./mcserver console to open the Minecraft console, then using the command op $MinecraftUsername (replacing $username with your Minecraft username, which may differ from your Linode's username).


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